Advanced Backing System

Advanced Backing System

In 2008 Newhey made a huge step forward in terms of innovation and technological progress with the introduction of a revolutionary backing system designed specifically for its tufted products.  The technical team at Newhey set out to create a process that addressed some key concerns with secondary backed tufted carpets together with ensuring the new development fell in line with the company’s strict environmental policy.

The result of a 2 year R&D programme was the world’s first hot-melt laminating and coating machine developed specifically to process 4m wide carpet.  Moving away from more traditional latex ‘wet to dry’ systems we operate a 'hot to cold' multi-roller laminating process using high strength bonding agents supplied by some of the world’s most recognised organisations.  Some of the key benefits include;

  • High bonding strength
  • Guarantees against delamination
  • Greater dimensional stability
  • Durable
  • Improved anti-fraying properties
  • Excellent handle during installation

Reducing the plants environmental impact was an important consideration during the development of this process.  Crucially we now offer a totally unique, low energy and zero waste secondary backing system.  Together with the recent introduction of evobac, a secondary backing material produced from 100% recycled materials, makes this whole process one of the most environmentally friendly carpet finishing lines in the world today.

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