Product Eco Design

Our Advanced Backing Machine

Newhey Carpets is committed to being an industry leader in new product development.  Key to this is the development of innovative products that:

  • Use more sustainable raw materials including those with a recycled content
  • Are more resource efficient in their manufacture
  • Are more readily recyclable at end of life

Product eco design innovations to date include:

  • The development of a hot melt adhesive backing system to replace the carpet industry’s traditional latex backing system with a solvent-free EVA adhesive.  The process itself also uses greatly reduced quantities of water, energy and adhesive per m2 overall and results in a less material intensive product while maintaining the same pile quality.
  • The adoption of a secondary backing material that is 100% recycled evobac resulting in a finished product with 18% recycled content. 
  • The use of evobac has also enabled a further reduction in gas consumption for this process of 30%.

Newhey Carpets are committed to the concept of the circular economy and we are now working towards development of a 100% recyclable product.


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