Renaissance Manchester City Centre Hotel

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Newhey Carpets at Renaissance Manchester City Centre Hotel

Newhey Carpets teamed up with German interior design company Raum Concept to design a unique collection of carpets for the Renaissance Manchester City Centre Hotel reflecting the significant industrial trade history in Lancashire.  With the creative inspiration driven by tetures, shapes and history, the process began with the production of a handtrial utilising 80/20% wool nylon blends with exquisite twist, velvet and stipple yarns.

The 19th century saw the start of the industrial revolution and a boom in the textile industry, which saw Manchester begin to expand at an astonishing rate.  Currently modern technology has replaced this traditional craft.  The renovation at the Renaissance Manchester City Centre Hotel showcases these memories in guestroom corridors, standard guestrooms and suites, Tudor rooms (meeting rooms), the ballroom and lobbies.

Colortec+ is an advanced type of high speed patterned tufting technology, providing the ability to specify more complex designs wich are not usually associated with tufted carpets.  The hotel corridor design used circular shapes lined next to each other like a string of pearls to symbolise motion.  Also, a variety of circles big and small, added a dynamic feel to a functional space.

Maintaining a consistent theme the guestrooms also use circular patterns.  However, the design multiplies and develops into a double helix form, consisting of tiny individual particles, varying in dimension and volume, which glide and lead guests through the room to emphasise the most important features of the sleeping zone, work space and living area.  The colour was selected based on design and architectural details.  Some circles included accents in orange to breathe more life and to give the room a bold feel. 

To finish the hotel's complete renovation, murals of historic buildings are displayed on the walls throughout and in the guestrooms lamps have cones of carefully selected yarn on the shades.

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