Resource Efficient Investment

We at Newhey are committed to a programme of investment to ensure that the site and manufacturing processes become ever more resource efficient.

Particular investments in recent years include:

  • 4 new Colortec tufting machines and 1 tufted graphics machine allowing us to produce high quality carpet at increased production speeds resulting in using 30% less energy per m2.
  • The design and development of a hot melt adhesive backing system.  In 2009 we were the first in the world to replace the carpet industry’s traditional latex secondary backing system with a solvent-free EVA adhesive laminating system.  This pioneering investment has increased our production capacity, reduced our reliance on hazardous materials and water and reduced the energy consumption and waste production associated with the secondary backing process.
  • Replacing a number of motors and drives across the site with high efficiency versions.
  • Re-roofing and re-lighting a large portion of our historic site to reduce the operational consumption of gas and electricity.
  • Replacing heating systems with energy efficient technologies.

Planned investments include:

  • Further installation of intelligent lighting systems.
  • Ongoing replacement of existing space heating units.
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