Types of Construction

Types Of Construction

The look and performance of a carpet will largely be determined by its construction.  Consideration should be given to the functional needs of an area so that the correct product can be specified to provide the best performance in a particular location.  The most common types of carpet construction used in commercial environments are woven and tufted, both providing resilient high performance solutions.  However, tufted carpet accounts for over 90% of all carpet manufactured globally.

Newhey specialise in the manufacture of two types of tufted construction, Colortec and Graphics Tufted.  Both employ the same basic principles of tufting, but do have a genuine point of difference in terms of design capabilities.


Colortec is one of the most advanced forms of high speed patterned tufting technology available today.  Utilising computer yarn placement technology it provides the ability to specify complex designs, not usually associated with tufted carpets, using high quality 80% Wool 20% Nylon hank dyed pile yarns.  Colortec also offers the ability to mix different yarn types, such as velvet and hard twist, to create stunning textured effects.  Tested to the same independent high standards as traditional woven carpets Colortec offers a cost effective, durable solution for a host of commercial environments from guestrooms to high traffic public spaces.

Graphics Tufted

Graphics tufted shares the same basic principles and construction properties as Colortec, but crucially does not offer the same pattern flexibility. Using the same high quality wool nylon pile yarns as Colortec, design flexibility is limited to stripes and small geometric patterns.    Ideal for areas such as hotel guest bedrooms Graphics provides a low cost alternative to more expensive Colortec or Woven products.


Woven Axminster is renowned around the world for its aesthetical values, endless design capabilities and ability to perform in the most demanding locations. Using only the highest quality 80/20 wool nylon blends each custom specification we offer is specially developed and engineered to offer optimum performance in its chosen area.

Electronic Jacquard technology provides the licence to create inspirational non-repeating patterns using up to 12 colours. This allows the freedom to work without limitations and create the perfect design to blend with any interior.

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