Craft Matters

The role of “craft” is far from obsolete. There is a more insatiable appetite and higher public awareness than ever for a greater understanding of just how things are made. The artistry, care and back-story of how things are created continues to fascinate. In fact, at Newhey, from our designers to production team, we think it’s more relevant and popular than ever.

Craft is one thing that inextricably entwines Newhey with our history and empowers true creativity. It connects our rich heritage to the immediate needs of our customers. Craft allows our suppliers, our design team and experienced makers to translate a client’s vision into a highly desirable and practical design solution.

By their very fibre, wool and craftsmanship have always travelled hand in hand. Nothing feels like or has the aesthetics of natural wool. The texture and depth of colour you achieve when working with wool yarns is unique and the provenance of the local supply chain adds to the story of each Newhey Carpet we create.

Newhey has been producing high quality wool carpets since 1968. The connection between all our departments, which are all located at our manufacturing base just outside Manchester, has grown stronger and stronger over fifty years. It’s what makes it possible for all our craftspeople to share their ideas, experience and expertise.

The industrial revolution drove towards productivity and processes and were the alter ego of the Arts and Crafts movement. Against this historic backdrop, craft and modern manufacturing methods may seem like opposing ideas, yet they inspire and make each other stronger.

Craft is not rudely shunted aside by technology; they work together at Newhey Carpets complementing each other. Loose initial sketches transform into incredibly precise CAD designs. State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques combine with time-honed hand-finishing skills of loyal craftspeople who’ve spent decades honing their skills. They combine to create something uniquely wonderful. Carpets that perform and wear just as well as they look.

Craft TV channels, blogs and vlogs and the rise of mindfulness have played a big part in popularising craft. Mobile apps, online publishing, affordable 4K video cameras and instant video uploads have made executing and projecting people’s ideas to an audience even easier. However, it is the pure craft that enriches the process and elevates the finished product.

Newhey designers absorb inspiration from many sources, but they are continually searching for inspiration which showcases their own craft and attention to detail. Recent visits to an Arts and Crafts Movement exhibition at The Whitworth Gallery, Manchester and Clerkenwell Design Week in London are the types of experiences that spark new designs for end products with a crafted feel. In fact, look out for exciting new concepts for new products – Artefact, Tribe, Memphis and Paint. We’ll be releasing details of these soon.

Craft combines the means with the end. It’s what defines Newhey and adds a handmade signature to every beautiful product we create. Craft Matters.