Local supply chain – supporting local dyers and spinners

Supply Chain

Our high levels of service and quality are not possible without the support of our longstanding partners. We rely on the dedication and expertise of local spinners and dyers to ensure our product is delivered on time, on-budget and will perform within it’s chosen environment.

The Beauty of Wool

Due to their fantastic wear properties wool carpets are widely recognised as the product of choice for the hotel, leisure and entertainment sectors. A high-performance fibre they offer durability, are naturally flame retardant and have excellent acoustic properties.

Quality Spinning

Working closely with our spinning partners, less than 15 miles from our factory and main manufacturing plant, we select only the best raw materials for all our carpets.

Expert Dyers

Dyeing is a critical part of the production process. Making sure that yarn is colourfast and resistant to fading through wear, sunlight, water and washing is vital. Working with locally based dyeing experts with over 100 years’ experience, knowledge and technical expertise guarantees, shade, service and satisfaction.

Fewer Emmissions

Localising our supply chain also represents a tremendous opportunity to help the environment. We reduce shipping and storage, and therefore reduce emissions and energy usage. The planet is one of our most precious resources and protecting it is one of our key company values.