Our planet is our most precious resource and protecting it is one of our key company values.

Supply Chain

At the heart of our commitment to quality lies our collaboration with local spinners and dyers who are situated only 30 miles away from our factory and head office. By sourcing expertise within our community, we ensure that every element of our product is a testament to local craftsmanship.  This approach not only supports the skilled artisans in our region but allows us to closely monitor and maintain the exceptional standards that define our brand.

The Beauty of Wool

Due to their fantastic wear properties wool carpets are widely recognised as the product of choice for the hotel, leisure and entertainment sectors. A high-performance fibre they offer durability, are naturally flame retardant and have excellent acoustic properties.

Quality Spinning

Working closely with our spinning partners, less than 15 miles from our factory and main manufacturing plant, we select only the best raw materials for all our carpets.

Expert Dyers

Dyeing is a critical part of the production process. Making sure that yarn is colourfast and resistant to fading through wear, sunlight, water and washing is vital. Working with locally based dyeing experts with over 100 years’ experience, knowledge and technical expertise guarantees, shade, service and satisfaction.

Fewer Emissions

In addition to promoting local craftsmanship, our commitment to utilising local spinners and dyers significantly contributes to a reduced carbon footprint.  By minimising transportation distances, we actively mitigate emissions associated with the production process.  Embracing sustainability and environmental responsibility, we take pride in offering you not only exceptional quality but also a product that aligns with our dedication to a greener future.