Fresh Paint

Paint and carpet may not mix well in a practical sense but mark making as a resource for creating new digital patterns can definitely enrich the final outcome. Applying paint or ink to paper can be very liberating, the accidental drips and splashes are a cause for celebration, not a re-work. Imperfections show the hand of the painter.

The act of applying paint, or the process of collage, can actually be more important than the subject itself. Let’s think about that for a moment. If you were simply requiring an exact visual representation of something, you’d capture its image with a decent camera. But art isn’t about merely replicating and recording and painting is one of the purest and most expressive of art forms.

Newhey Carpet’s designers love to paint. Visiting galleries is always in the calendar and appreciating original artwork gives the team a fresh way to approach new collections. It fosters creativity.

Painting is exciting and life affirming. It enables complete spontaneity and provides unexpected results. It creates exciting shapes and textures that can be isolated, abstracted and used to create new designs for our customers.

We see every carpet as a blank canvas and our Colortec technology can realise virtually any design. Large scale patterns can ebb and flow across the floor. Brushmarks add textural detail. Simple compositions of positive and negative space add real energy to the floor.

We live in a technology driven world. Taking a moment to remind ourselves of earlier craft and add the value of the handmade to modern making is a creative combination….So, maybe paint and carpets do mix!

“Paint” is a Newhey story for new product developments in 2019.

Watch out for the fresh paint!