Visiting Clerkenwell Design Week 2023

Every year our designers visit a number of exhibitions in order to gather inspiration and keep up to date with design trends. Our most recent trip took us to CLERKENWELL DESIGN WEEK, held between 23rd–25th May, where we were blessed with beautiful sunshine once again. Our designers enjoyed 2 days exploring the innovative urban festival which showcases leading U.K & International brands with a series of exciting showroom events, exhibitions and special instalments.

Headlining the festival this year was internationally recognised British artist, Steve Messam, based in County Durham. Renowned for his site-specific, large-scale art installations, Messam created four inflatable sculptures with spikey, bulbous protrusions intended to reimagine architecture related to their location at Clerkenwell.

We found the focus this year for many was to create a more sustainable way of life. Whether that be in the workplace or at home. Bringing the outdoors in, and embracing what nature has to offer is something that employers and end users are exploring more and more. Health and wellbeing really was prominent within many new product launches, it’s clearly at the forefront for many.

With regards to colour, we attended ‘PANTONE – The Art of Living’ which was part of ‘Conversations at Clerkenwell’. Throughout this super informative chat we heard about how softer colours such as peaches, coastal blues and feel-good greens with natural hues are all making a comeback. The conversation was hosted by Carola Seybold, head of Global Key Accounts, who also pointed out that softer shades of grey are also popping back into the limelight.

Key Colours for 2023/24 are as follows:
Orange – Vibrant with peachy tones
Brown – Varying shades
Green – Tranquil watery to digital bright
Blues – Coastal softer hues
Purples – More lilacs
Neutrals – Sweet/warm tones
Grey/Silver – Softer shades

Themes that were discussed were Sustenance, Surrealism, Replenish, Scenic and Sanctuary all referring back to a focus of health and wellbeing.

Once again the products we saw throughout the whole event were inspiring, creative, and dynamic.

Bring on 2024!