10 green bottle squashed up in the floor

Constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in sustainability, British manufacturer Newhey Carpets has recently developed a revolutionary carpet secondary backing system, “evobac”, made using 100% recycled plastic bottles.

The company has combined its proficiency in high speed Colortec tufting technology with an environmentally friendly solvent free thermoplastic bonding agent. Using a unique hot melt laminating process to create an inseparable bond between the primary cloth and secondary backing, the finished carpet products have at least three times the bonding strength of a conventional latex-backed product.

Evobac presents a totally unique, low energy, sustainable secondary backing solution for specifiers and end users in hotel and leisure applications. The product consists of 80% wool, a renewable and sustainable fibre, 85% recycled primary backing material, 100% recycled evobac secondary backing and a high strength solvent free adhesive. Building on more than 40 years of technical excellence, the unique production process crucially helps guarantee against delamination. This provides a superior tuft bind and creates a more stable, durable product with increased underfoot comfort and insulation properties.

Conforming to all normal British and European standards for flammability and performance, the product also offers a wide range of benefits for installers: ease of handling is ensured through decreased risk of scuffing skirtings and paintwork, improved anti-fraying properties, reduced wear on blades when cutting and compatibility with all traditional installation methods. The product has already been used by a number of well known clients seeking the ultimate in sustainable, high performance carpets, including Costa Coffee and Park Inn hotels.